David Chilinski Participates in AAF’s City Manager’s Design Academy in Kansas City, MO

Over 3 days in November, David Chilinski participated in the American Architectural Foundation’s "City Managers' Design Academy" in Kansas City, MO. The AAF's "Center for Design & the City" supports civic leaders tackling issues related to the design of the built environment and the communities they serve.

David worked with 3 City Managers from Edina, MN, Goodyear, AZ and Hayward, CA. He acted as the representative planner/architect within a multidisciplinary, 5-member expert design team to analyze the challenges and opportunities faced by each city's proposed project. David authored the conceptual plans published in the final report, outlining feedback, discussion points and the potential solutions suggested by the group.

"This program offers opportunities to engage in workshops intended to strengthen city managers’ design leadership skills and support for the development of ongoing projects; downtown commercial and residential revitalization, multi-modal transportation, affordable housing, waterfront redevelopment, and green infrastructure implementation. City managers learn from peers and top multi-disciplinary designers as well as contribute valuable lessons that they have learned when solving complex financial, stakeholder engagement, and process implementation challenges."

Read more in the Final Report exerpt link included HERE....

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David Galler says: November 21, 2017 at 10:32 pm

You have a lot to offer glad to see you participated in this workshop. I’m sure you and the city managers got a lot out of it.