Cloud Catcher Wins BSA Unbuilt Architecture and Design Award

"Cloud Catcher", an entry submitted by PCA's internal Competitions Initiative, is one of the Boston Society of Architects' seven Unbuilt Architecture and Design Award winners!

The brief for the entry explains the overall concept: "The Cloud Catchers are coastal skyscrapers in Lima, Peru designed to collect 10,954 gallons of water per day – drinking water for 5,477 people - through ‘fog catching’ technology developed by MIT engineers. Iconic, colorful, tradition-inspired design adds life and vibrancy to the city in both form and function."

Judging unbuilt projects of all types, welcoming the "speculative, the unbuildable, the theoretical, and the critical", the BSA Unbuilt Award celebrates innovative and conceptual thinking, highlighting "exemplary projects that serve as inspiration for practitioners."

Congratulations to PCA's team: Matthew Killam, Steven Bryson, Emeline Gaujac, Jake Schmidt, and Sheamus O’Sullivan.