PCA Softball Team Takes #2 Spot

PCA was pleased to take Second Place in the BASL (Boston Architectural Softball League) Division B 2019 season. Since everyone in the world of softball loves stats, here is a summary of ours....onward to 2020!

Record: 7-5-1 (3-1 in the Playoffs)
20 different players participated in 1 or more games, and we had an additional 16 employees who came out to support our team throughout the season.

This season, the softball team improved their offensive tremendously. In 2018, there were only 4 players who had 20 or more total hits, this year we had over 10 players with 20 or more hits, including 5 of those players who had over 30 hits.

The softball team averaged 20 runs per game, including the playoffs.