Our Culture

Our Culture is as nurturing as it is dynamic, with a steady creative energy.

Home to over 70 talented designers from diverse backgrounds and experience, who also happen to be artists, chefs, musicians, and aspiring semi-pro softball players, PCA is a place for friendship, learning, and growth.

As an employee-owned firm, we encourage participation from all of our staff in determining the future of the firm.

From our ground up Initiatives program, which gives structure and support to employee goals and interests, to staff-run Monthly Office Meetings, our leaders emerge from the passions they champion.

Employee Owned

As an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) firm, PCA is 80% employee owned – we are all invested in the future of our firm, working together to help it thrive.

Staff Initiatives
Everyone is empowered to lead initiatives that further the continual refinement of our processes and standards.

We come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, adding a variety of perspectives to our body of work.  

Collaborative, Not Top Down
Our internal process is collaborative - from details to design concepts, we are better together.

In-house mentoring cultivates the talents of young designers and hones the skills of our most seasoned employees.

From Design Reviews to field trips, in-house training to conference attendance and business development opportunities, we invest in you so that we can grow together.


Quarterly, we discuss professional goals, performance, and personal growth with a mentor of our own choosing.

Design Forums
Design Tuesdays and Fridge Door Fridays keep the office informed about what we are all working on, giving us a chance to practice presenting and obtain feedback on current work.

Lunch & Learns
Our Librarian schedules presentations that provide access to the newest materials, technology, and codes, not to mention CEU credits and a free lunch!

Field Trips
Our CA and project teams show how things come together in the field and add valuable lessons learned to our shared store of experience.

In-House Learning
We teach each other with in-house seminars and training providing forums for sharing skills and lessons learned, and furthering individual passions.

The office supports individual passions for social issues.

From financial support, including matching donations, to volunteering and pro-bono work, PCA gives back to its community.

From local to a national scope, we support the organizations that our staff champion, making a difference in our communities.

Pro Bono Work
We are always looking for ways to use our specialized skills to aid partners in need.

Matching Donations
We support the charitable organizations you believe in, matching up to $500 per year for any cause you are committed to.

We believe in a work / life balance, and making time to get to know each other while having fun.

Office Happenings
We work hard, but more importantly, we play harder. There's always something going on in the PCA office, whether it be an impromptu cookie tasting, or a Friday afternoon social hour.

PCA Team Spirit
We have lots of enthusiastic athletes among us and a range of ways to get involved from highly competitive to casual events. Come join or cheer on a team! – bowling, soccer, softball, curling, basketball, skiing, trivia!!

Hanging Out
Social events range from planting a roof deck garden to Design Competitions to our very own PCA Olympics.

We are always interested in adding new voices to our mix – we would love to hear from you!