416 Broadway Mixed Use

South Boston, MA


Core Investments


Renovation of underutilized 4-story, 28,000 SF retail and office building to house 3 retail tenants on the ground floor, 2 levels of spec office suites and a Montessori Life School on the top floor.


The client sought to transform an underutilized early 20th century building in South Boston to create space for retail, office and education uses. Targeted smaller interventions made a large visual impact on the 4 story, 28,000 SF building. Cosmetic fa├žade upgrades and repairs were paired with an overall interior refresh. The new suites showcase a revised and refreshed interior, creating a more harmonious palette so that retail branding on the first floor could stand out. Overall building reconfiguration created spec office suites on two upper levels, with the top floor reserved for a Montessori Life School.

The new look and activity both inside and outside the building now make their own contribution to the vibrancy of Broadway and South Boston.