75 Station Landing

Medford, MA


National Development


Renovation of a 3,500 sf of lobby space, work rooms, communal kitchen and corridors to update the aesthetic of the Station Landing Apartments.


In a rapidly developing metro-Boston neighborhood, apartments need to compete for tenants with glossy, luxurious amenities and enviable lobby spaces. The apartments at Station Landing needed to rebrand their outward expression in order to attract and keep their hip and urban client base.

The renovation at 75 Station Landing created a modern collection of amenities, including a central lobby, kitchen, a business work room, quiet study lounges and think tanks, out of an outdated lobby. Station Landing’s new amenity space extends the living room beyond apartment walls and becomes an inviting communal space for residents of this multifamily building.

75 Station Landing is an upscale apartment building popular with students, active urban couples, and empty-nesters. In reflection, the amenity space offers varying levels of energy throughout, each zone a new opportunity for social interaction via studying, or just hanging out. Upon entry to the bright, sun-filled lobby, residents are greeted with multiple spaces now most often used to wait for friends or a ride share. A long banquette, a cozy couch, and flexible seating fill out the lobby and work space, allowing multiple groups to use the space at the same time. The glassy, open concept space allows for easy flow from zone to zone, while varying levels, furnishings, and wall colors denote separation.