Boston, MA


The Mount Vernon Company


83 units of new housing (74 rental, 9 condo) with parking for 38 cars and 85 bike spaces in an amenity-filled and artistically-significant area of Allston.


The Mount Vernon Company approached PCA and neighborhood residents with the desire to construct lower-cost, strikingly modern and unique housing for the Allston neighborhood that would honor the city’s rich artistic history as well as provide an attractive housing alternative in a hip, up-and-coming residential neighborhood. This concept was to be called “ARTHAUS.”


Acknowledging Allston’s history, PCA addressed the need to preserve the features of a neighborhood that values itself as a community committed to the arts. A dramatic exterior façade reflects shapes inspired by folded paper or origami, responding to the surrounding visual context of three-family homes, peaked roofs, and vertically-higher industrial buildings.

A glass ground floor frontage includes a new public plaza featuring outdoor community seating with a direct view of the interior flexible gallery and meeting space, displaying work by local artists and craftspeople. Distinctive corrugated metal exterior finishes play with geometry and patterning while a changeable mural-wall gives a nod to public art.

ArtHaus blends community support and creative expression with meaningful, unique design, celebrating Allston’s continued vibrant eclecticism.