Baskin Robbins Happy 1.0 Int’l Prototype

Korea, Canada, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Kuwait, Russia, Malaysia, Australia, UAE (Dubai


Dunkin’ Brands, Inc.


International Baskin-Robbins prototype design for locations around the world.


To promote the founders’ guiding principle of “we sell fun, not just ice cream”, the challenge was to create a light-hearted, welcoming environment that showcases Baskin Robbins’ expanding menu of ice cream products and brings their unique brand to life with international flair and relevance.


PCA created three distinct retail “stories” at the serving counter. Each element is represented by iconic symbols and a particular color palette that complements the existing pink and blue “31 Flavors” logo. Lounge-style seating, custom-designed touches like the “pink spoon” door handles, interactive LCD menu displays, and LED lighting combine to create a playful, social destination for patrons. A “heritage wall”, imprinted with some of Baskin-Robbins’ famous 1,000+ flavors celebrates the Baskin Robbins tradition.

In order to support and unify global roll-out, the design team utilized a kit of parts approach, issuing a number of region-specific design releases that convey “design intent” rather than prescriptive solutions. This approach preserves the Baskin Robbins brand and also allows flexibility in implementation.