Baskin Robbins Korea

Shinchon, Seoul, Gwangju, South Korea


Design of three flagship Café Baskin Robbins, a modern 3,000 SF café with a high energy graphics, signage, and lighting program.

Ice Cream Fantasy

This new café prototype marks a departure for Baskin Robbins in both concept and design. Traditional ice cream takes second stage to Baskin Robbins’ new made-to-order frozen yogurt treat.

To highlight the new offering, PCA designed a sundae bar that affords customers ideal vantage points to watch the preparation of their frozen treat. The imagery in the stores is powerful and bold, utilizing primary colors from the Baskin Robbins logo as colorful accents. A dramatic starburst of pink shapes radiates across the café ceiling, glowing brightly to draw nighttime pedestrian traffic into the store.

The seating areas feature a variety of bar stools, padded booths and banquettes, and a “community table” to comfortably accommodate individuals and large groups. A sculptural wood ceiling element with modern hanging chandeliers bring the size of the room to a more human scale.

Since opening, sales are up and market share has increased. The new store offers a fun yet sophisticated experience that successfully appeals to a wide consumer base.