CX Cambridge Crossing Retail Buildings

Cambridge, MA


DIvcoWest Real Estate Investments, LLC


25,000 SF footprint retail development on 4 parcels within a 45-acre multi-use laboratory, housing and office site will make a critical contribution to the vitality and life of the entire site.


LEED Silver Certification anticipated


Cambridge Crossing is currently the largest development parcel in the City of Cambridge. PCA was asked to join the development team to create a vibrant public realm knitting together 2 million SF of residential, laboratory and office space. PCA’s role was to design a series of retail pavilions in 7 acres of open space and collaborate with other architects to create a vital network of public places at Cambridge Crossing. These three small parcels, retained for retail uses, will create the vitality and life for the entire site.


PCA’s design provides flexibility for potential retail or restaurant tenant requirements. Parcel W is designed as two shed-inspired buildings connected overhead to cover an outdoor plaza. Parcel I carries some of the same metal frame, glass and cedar material palette into two 1-story, horizontal forms with a higher roofline on the south side to capture daylight.

Parcel Q1 is 2 stories in height with a similar material palette, tying the three retail parcels together. Glazing along the ground floor allows for continuous retail frontage along the main streets and facing the future Green Line station. Awnings and signage bands over the sidewalks bring the building to a relatable height for pedestrians and create an active public realm.

Large amounts of glazing and operable garage doors will open up buildings to the outdoors, creating inside/outside seating and gathering spaces for tenants and neighbors or patrons alike. PCA is providing overall retail design guidelines as well as architectural design of the retail buildings on site.