Drive Custom Fit Gym

Tuscan Village, Salem, NH


Drive Custom Fit


25,000 SF stand-alone fitness studio offering customized training in six specialized classrooms, indoor/ outdoor turf, a mind-body suite with yoga studio and lounge, locker rooms, child care and made-to-order fresh juice bar

Design Solution

Drive Custom Fit offers a program beyond solitary workout space with a class-driven curriculum tracking health and nutrition as well as overall strength and fitness. Customized yoga and fitness programs are held in variety of specialized classrooms including high-temperature training, a mind-body suite and outdoor studio.

The 18,000 SF ground floor space is framed by exposed steel beams and braces that maximize flexibility for equipment placement, while making a statement in concert with other industrial inspired finishes, like corrugated metal which wraps the juice bar, reminiscent of a shipping container. The 7,000 SF second level houses the mind-body suite, with hot yoga studio (including a fireplace), yoga lounge for pre and post class meditation and a private training studio. Administrative space overlooks the buzz of activity below.

The expansive double-height space has an industrial feel reflecting Drive’s first home in an old Mill building. Bold lighting and graphics inspire, amplifying Drive’s motto, “A Fire Inside”. Charcoal grays and wood tones are contrasted with Drive’s signature electric blue to create a dark, moody vibe, perfect for turning up the heat!