Dunkin’ Donuts Fresh Brew Int’l Prototype

Korea, Canada, China, Russia, Honduras, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Germany, Columbia


Dunkin Brands International


Boston GlobeFrom Massachusetts to Seoul – Dunkin Donuts Finds New Markets as Coffee Craze Sweeps Asia


Store prototype 2012 release – continuation of work on prototypes since 2004


PCA’s long-standing collaboration with Dunkin’ Brands continues to evolve with the design of Dunkin’s new Fresh Brew International prototype. Created from evolving designs produced for Korea, these prototypes are tailored to the international community whose stores tend to be formatted differently.

Bold, super-sized graphics and the playful use of the double-D logo animate both interior spaces and facades. A range of seating choices ranging from small tables to counters to soft seating create comfortable yet energetic spaces for a range of “moments” for patrons, from quick bites to lengthier social gatherings.

The flexible design provides a fresh, contemporary fit-out that embodies the core elements of Dunkin’s unique brand, adding an international flair that is designed to achieve brand congruence while ensuring relevance and impact.