Fire+Ice Under Fire

Boston, MA


Jim Miller & Rafael Barbosa


A modern interpretation of the successful Fire + Ice brand contrasts the cool icy bar and the fire-based “cook your own” banquet seating in this 2,000 SF ground floor entry to the restaurant above.


The goal was to update the space to attract a younger Back Bay crowd in the evenings with a focus on craft food and cocktails, while enhancing the take out lunch options during the day.


The renovation of Under Fire updates the ground level of the popular Back Bay Fire + Ice restaurant to maximize access and efficiency particularly for the busy lunch crowd. The bar is relocated to the window, activating the sidewalk and providing views to the street. Inside, new glazing improves visibility from the building corridor, clarifying circulation for take-out and to the upper floor restaurant with additional seating and lava rock oven cooking stations.

The bar is set up during lunch time with a ‘portable kitchen/prep area’ for quick cooking downstairs, optimizing the bar space and dining area. During the evening hours, the bar reverts to its more traditional function as a nighttime hot spot. Strong colors, modern finishes and zoned seating create the feeling of a true destination for socializing at lunch and after work.