Flat Patties

Cambridge, MA


Thomas J. Brush


1,540 SF restaurant design that includes mezzanine seating, maximizing utilization of the 660 SF footprint.


Located in Harvard Square, Flat Patties serves up fresh American fare to the area’s high volume of foot traffic. The storefront sign, overhang, and logo share a bright orange color that stands out from surrounding businesses.

The restaurant’s layout lends itself to a smooth flowing interior in a challenging small and triangular space. A welcoming, half-height service counter allows customers to easily view the menu while taking in the open kitchen. Once orders are placed, patrons move naturally along the counter to pour soft drinks and pick up their made-to-order food.

Seating along the windows at the street level and the small mezzanine optimize the use of double height volume in this constrained footprint for locals and visitors alike to enjoy their meals.