Healthworks Fitness Centers

Chestnut Hill, MA


Urban Spas


Renovate a 35,000 SF existing office building into an upscale branch of Healthworks’ women-only fitness centers.


Convert the 1970’s era office space with limited natural light into a stylish, whole-body health club that can cater to the demanding needs of the locale’s sophisticated audience.


The new Center creates an environment where “one can take care of oneself, with an awareness of the mind/body connection.” The visually striking space combines vibrant, warm colors in the workout area with a soothing atmosphere in the locker room and spa. Glass-wall studios and balcony overlooks create an open feel, while Japanese inspired imagery and natural materials fashion a meditative oasis.


Luxury and fun have come together in this design, creating a memorable and distinctive space for the club’s image and upscale clientele.


Contract Design
July 1999
“Gym Dandy”

Club Management/Resort Management
November/December 1998
“Design Showcase”