Jackson Square

Boston, MA


Jackson Square Partnership
GLC Development


Revitalization of a blighted low-income neighborhood of vacant lots adjacent to a transit station to create an authentic mixed-income community with 400-residential units, 80,000 SF of retail and restaurants, and new sidewalks, streets and courtyards.


In conjunction with Stull & Lee/Tise Architects and multiple site developers, PCA acted as the lead architect in the master planning and site development of Jackson Square – 9.5 acres of prime yet depressed real estate at the intersection of Boston’s Roxbury and Jamaica Plain neighborhoods.

Initially brought into the project by the Jackson Square Partnership, a quasi-public / private entity, PCA was recruited to oversee the overall masterplan. PCA worked with the Partnership to obtain all of the necessary approvals to secure funding and begin work on the site. PCA subsequently helped to navigate the project through Article 80 Large Project Review and garner approvals from the Boston Civic Design Commission.

Due to the highly public nature of the project, the Boston Redevelopment Authority was closely involved in the project’s progress. Throughout the planning process, PCA served as the intermediary between the BRA, the neighborhood, affordable housing advocates and other project architects, coordinating their efforts to create a unified neighborhood vision.

PCA was subsequently selected to design one of the first buildings in the master plan – Jackson Commons – the adaptive reuse of the 110-year old Coleman-Webb Manufacturing Building and the design of a 4-story addition to create 37 affordable rental apartments.