Kendall Square Revitalization Plan

Cambridge, MA




Developed a visioning document for the revitalization of a sterile urban office park into a vibrant mixed-use district with great streets, sidewalks and squares activated by neighborhood retail and sidewalk cafes.


Kendall Square is known for the highest concentration of tech and biotech companies per square mile in the world, with more companies expanding and moving in each year – a virtual technology über-cluster. Recently, retailers joined with start-up entrepreneurs, city councilors and residents in calling for a shift from the office- and lab-heavy presence that dominated the square in the early 2000s to more 24/7, mixed-use development including housing, restaurants and retail. To that end, MIT Real Estate and the City of Cambridge teamed with PCA to study an approach for transformation of the public realm to create a vibrant multi-use neighborhood and academic innovation center that would facilitate interactions between city government, companies, MIT, and residents.