Boston Logan Int'l Airport Terminal B, Boston, MA


Legal Sea Foods


Fit-out of 2,500 SF of restaurant/bar space within new retail/restaurant zone at Logan International Airport’s Terminal C.


Travelers are drawn in to a modern, entertaining scene beginning with one of Legal Sea Food’s iconic fish sculptures at the entry to the bar and restaurant. Amidst cool colors, and abstracted imagery and materials that recall the sea, travelers can relax with a drink, a snack from the oyster bar, or a full meal before proceeding to the gate.

The bar, with its deep blue, back-painted glass wall, is lit by a “bubble ceiling” creating an “underwater dimension” in the space. The bar’s top is a glowing, icy blue surface, with the front of the bar base wrapping up as an extension of the “bottom of the sea” floor tile. Barstools have room for a carry-on bag underneath the seat and digital flight info boards keep the traveler on time.

The restaurant is integrated into the large, open expanse of the existing airport. A metal “fishing net” fence acts as a boundary between the restaurant and the airport’s circulation space. The table tops and sofa/benches are finished with pops of bright colors that play off an existing bright white floor, creating an upbeat “vibe” and a great place for everyone to enjoy either a first or another delicious meal from Legal Sea Food.