Legal Sea Foods Terminal B

Boston Logan Int'l Airport Terminal B, Boston, MA


700 SF, 30-seat chowder bar


The new chowder bar kiosk at Logan International Airport is situated under a double-height corner in a new link connecting two wings of Terminal B. At 700 SF, this small 30-seat space captures big views of the airport while reflecting and refracting light from the clerestory windows 35 feet above.

The new Terminal’s rainbow theme was inspiration for a colorful glass tile mosaic which wraps around the entire length of the kitchen. A neutral palate for the bar becomes a backdrop for the activity within, with a frosted glass bar top reminiscent of water and a stainless steel “wave” bar front. Clear glass globe pendant lights dot the perimeter and appear to float like bubbles suspended over the bar where travelers can choose to have a chowder, small snack or a refreshing drink pre-flight.