Legal C Bar

Hingham, MA


Legal Sea Foods


6,500 SF, 4,000 SF front of house with 195 seats including 34 bar, 4 raw bar, 60 low table, 80 high table and 18 communal table seats


To create a chic, urban dining experience for suburban lifestyle center.


The newly renovated Legal C Bar provides a contemporary, urban, ‘bar-centric’ dining experience at this popular lifestyle center in suburban Hingham, offering every type of customer ─ from hungry shoppers, to post-work cocktail drinkers, to a couple on date night ─ a unique experience with every visit.

The design evolved from the guest experience, with the open plan visually zoned so guests can choose to be “in the action” or at the periphery. Entry is directly into the bar area with seating at high tables and at the bar itself. A quieter dining area with lower tables is tucked in behind a glass and steel divider, offering privacy for a more intimate dining experience. A communal table seating up to 18 guests offers the opportunity to sit with others and meet new people ─ an experience typically available in urban rather than suburban settings.

Subdued lighting sets the tone, with color, materials, texture and furniture all used to support the “theater” of a Legal C Bar night out experience. An urban space, both hard and soft in its furnishings, combines reclaimed timbers, concrete bar tops and raw steel in contrast with soft draperies and natural materials. The color palette is primarily muted, with a mélange of sophisticated materials that are visually interesting, communicating an up-to-date design sensibility.

The design team drew inspiration from the tools and equipment used in the fishing industry, incorporating abstract references to nautical themes. The continuous shimmery metallic curtain above jute-textured banquette upholstery along one wall is contrasted on the opposite side by a long “driftwood” slat wall with embedded light strips, glowing in a subdued environment. Grey weathered wood tones mimic a silvery iconic Cape Cod shingle, while the golden concrete bar top and polished concrete floors speak of the ocean’s sandy floor. Manila rope lights over the communal tables are reminiscent of ropes used on fishing boats, and the metal and black face of the custom designed bar face subtly hint of the glimmering skin of a fish. The multi-colored lobster trap ropes were inspiration for the splashes of color used throughout the space, while the canopy over the bar is reminiscent of the lobster trap itself. Slatted wood allows for containment as well as glimpses through to other spaces.