Lesley University Animation Studio

Cambridge, MA

Inspiring use of common materials in unexpected ways. Seems to fit the brief and do exactly what it set out to do.

– 2020 Jury, AS&U Portfolio


Lesley University


Renovation of 11,000 SF basement space in University Hall in the Porter Exchange Building, to house dedicated arts and animation studios and a 130-seat screening room.


Lesley University wanted to expand their current Art and Design Studios in the lower level of University Hall to create a new dedicated animation studio and a 130-seat screening room. The goal was to create new cutting edge studios for all forms of animation, from stop-motion to a new Virtual Effects studio. The new spaces will give the dispersed animation students a true home.


PCA worked with Lesley to better understand the specific needs for each studio in order to optimize each unique room. The design coordinates with the existing adjacent art studios while also being edgy enough to attract new students to the growing program. Lesley’s core color palette provides vibrancy, with the addition of glowing light boxes at key transition points marking the “front door” of the animation zone. The new screening room provides space for students and lecturers to present their work. The main corridor walls serve as gallery space for students to showcase their concepts, with loose, soft seating giving students a place to call their own.


2020 Special Citation
American School & University