Allston Green

Allston, MA


Partners Properties LLC


256,400 SF complex– Building A at 7 stories with 172u, Building B also 7 stories with 109u and Building C at 4 stories with 68u as well as 4,000 sf of publicly accessible uses including retail/gallery and artist co-working space, 20,085 sf of publicly accessible open space and 125 parking spaces.


To design an engaging, large-scale residential complex transitioning from a busy state highway streetscape to a quieter, smaller-scale residential community while also providing new public space for a neighborhood with few public parks.


The design strategically places three buildings and two green spaces on the 1.8 acre site. Variations in building planes and setbacks, a rich palette of exterior materials, and the playful use of color frame active, public ground floor uses that engage residents and neighbors alike.

Building A’s sheltered courtyard entry is flanked by building amenities and publicly accessible spaces including an art gallery, retail and artist co-working spaces. Building B’s articulated façade and stronger palette frames a new 16,000 sf open public green. Building C responds to its secondary residential street environs with a fourth story setback from the sidewalk, peaked roof lines and horizontal cladding. Allston Green will be a mix of studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. A below-grade garage will accommodate approximately 125 parking spaces.

As an active new neighbor, Allston Green provides much-needed housing as well as new public spaces that facilitate community connections.