Market Basket

Multiple Locations

A Chelsea showpiece… it’s clear that this Market Basket brings the Tewksbury-based chain to a new level.

– Boston Globe Magazine, “Big Deal”, 9/27/2009


Award-winning new and renovated 65,000-130,000 SF supermarkets featuring indoor cafes, regionally sensitive design, and strong brand identity.


In developing a program to improve existing stores and expand into new markets, Market Basket sought to balance a reputation for low prices and convenience with improved overall quality and customer store experience.


Each new and renovated Market Basket projects a high-quality, commanding profile while offering strategic scaling elements and distinctive entry towers to welcome customers into the shopping experience. In order to immediately blend stores into the fabric of their communities, PCA performs field research which results in unique customized design elements at each location. All stores feature large windows that bring natural light into spacious shopping areas and many incorporate modern PCA-designed interior cafes.


Since the first renovated store opened in Wilmington in 2009, the chain has enjoyed a resurgence in business. Grand openings are drawing capacity crowds while shopping centers anchored by the updated stores are attracting new tenants. The chain continues to attract hoards of customers while following through on their ambitious and successful renovation and expansion plans.