Mashpee Commons

Mashpee, MA


Fields Point Limited Partnership


$14 million mixed-use development to create a new town center, including a Town Green, 119,000 SF of new and renovated retail space, and 30,000 SF of new office space.


The town of Mashpee, founded in 1870, never had a cohesive center. Mashpee Commons is a response to the uncontrolled growth and sprawl of roadside commercial development found in neighboring Cape Cod towns.

The grand vision for Mashpee Commons’ urban design scheme was based on the time-honored principles of 19th Century American Urbanism, a precursor to the New Urbanism movement. The plan called for a new commercial center that would incorporate civic and religious buildings at its main intersections. Specific building sites on the Commons were also reserved for the relocation of the town’s public library and police and fire headquarters, where they have since been built.

The Commons incorporates elements that give New England Villages their distinct sense of place including a new Green. Two-lane streets accommodate on-street parking with granite curbs, tree-lined sidewalks, park benches, and small-scale brick and clapboard buildings that foster a pedestrian-friendly, human scale environment. PCA produced the Mashpee Commons Design Criteria Manual, and completed the design and construction for several retail/office buildings.


PCA’s multi-faceted role helped lead the way to transform a 1962 style suburban strip shopping center into a new, 30-acre town center on Cape Cod.