Northeastern University Curry Ballroom

Boston, MA


Northeastern University


Renovation and repositioning of 4,300 SF university function hall.


Recognizing potential for improvement, Northeastern University sought to renovate its underutilized ballroom in the Curry Student Center. Through the application of innovative design solutions, PCA brought a sense of formality, warmth, and purpose to the previously utilitarian and plain space.


To update the hall’s appearance and to broaden the potential applications of the facility, the room was laid out with fixtures and finishes that would provide programming flexibility. Track, cove, and decorative lighting are all controlled by a custom dimming system. A state-of-the-art, user-friendly audio/visual system provides both significant range and ease of use.

A more human scale was established by lowering the room’s height through the use of a suspended “cloud” acoustical panel ceiling system. Fabric-covered acoustical panels, and cherry wood wainscoting and trim enliven the columns and walls,. The existing traditional wood parquet flooring was modernized and replaced with cherry and maple strip flooring.


The renovation of the ballroom has had a distinct economic impact for Northeastern University. The versatility of the function hall enables it to accommodate a wide range of the university’s needs, including everything from sit-down banquets to ping pong tournaments. Since its transformation, the ballroom has been consistently booked for 95% of the total time that the room is available, far exceeding the expectations of the university.