Northeastern University Revolutionz Indoor Cycling Studio

Boston, MA

“We were very happy to discover that the addition of the new Revolutionz Indoor Cycling Studio actually allowed us to add twice as many people to our program as we had initially expected.”

– Kristin Miller, Associate Director of Athletics, Northeastern University


Northeastern University


Conversion of an existing retail space in the Marino Athletic Center into a new indoor cycle, kettle bell exercise and yoga studio.


Northeastern’s Recreation Department offered a variety of fitness programs in two spaces in the Marino Athletic Center. The new Revolutionz Studio allowed the department to substantially expand their program, signing up 1,000 new members and adding 45 classes to their schedule.

The new space is highly flexible, easily adapted for indoor cycle and group exercise classes including kettle bell circuits and yoga. Flexible lighting technology allows instructors to set the tone for their classes–from soothing hues for yoga to continually changing lighting that bathes the room in vibrant shades of blue, green and red–adding drama and excitement to the activity within and enlivening glimpses of the space from outside. Integrated A/V equipment allows instructors to add music and imagery to their programming, with specially designed acoustic walls and ceilings isolating the studio acoustically from neighboring spaces.

New signage and cues built into the hallway flooring direct members to the new office and reception desk. Sleek modern finishes and pops of color contribute to the urban street vibe, enhancing the overall class experience.