Tikkaway Grill

Seaport, Boston, MA


Gopinath Nair


1000 SF, 12-seat restaurant located in a tight urban setting offering customizable fast-casual, Indian-inspired cuisine.


With the mission of trying to break the barrier of ethnic cuisine, Tikkaway Grill sought to present their menu items in a way that would tempt the well-versed patron as well as someone new to Far Eastern cuisine. Building the brand, the small footprint also needed to make a strong impact on the street, holding its own among the towering new buildings opening in Boston’s Seaport District.


PCA chose warm, bright colors to create a fun and informal ambiance for the restaurant. The long counter gives patrons opportunities to see all the choose-what-you-want options, demystifying Indian food for novices. The kitchen is fully visible from the counter, showing the “honesty” of the food and its organic nature, a concept mirrored in the use of natural materials in the design.

The overall look and feel is in keeping with Gopi’s deep connection to yoga, meaning “union” – believing that experiences can bring people together to revitalize bodies and spirit – creating a space “where great food meets great energy.”