Tuscan Kitchen & Market

Portsmouth, NH


Tuscan Brands


Specialty market and bakery offering imported ingredients used in 16,000 SF Tuscan Kitchen restaurant includes air-dryed meats, a salumeria, fine cheeses, pastries, breads, and fresh made pasta.


Tuscan Brands sought to expand their brand to a new location and combine the market and restaurant under one roof. The idea was to create a space that allows for a lively trattoria/marketplace by day and a sophisticated artisanal kitchen/restaurant by night. Site challenges included the under-structured building, which required extensive retrofitting to allow for open circulation space and compliance with structural codes.


The building embodies the Tuscan Brand of other locations. The layout creates an inside/outside feel with open pergola/patio areas ringing the dining area. The outdoor space is designed to be a destination on its own, with gas-lit fire pits and large seats opposite alfresco dining by exterior fireplaces.

A separate entry for the Market, with its own outdoor seating area, was designed to show patrons all their options as they enter, displaying all the fresh foods crafted on-site in the market and utilized in the restaurant. With a rustic old world vibe, finishes blend between market and kitchen to create a cohesive look.

The restaurant is designed to give variety to patrons, offering a lively bar scene and display kitchen in the open area which transforms into more intimate private dining rooms at the back edge, serving parties from 15-100 with ease and flexibility.