RADIUS Apartments

Allston, MA


The Mount Vernon Company


171,244 SF apartment building with 132 units (122,814 SF), 5,000 SF of retail, 4,000 roof deck and parking for 108 cars and 132 bikes.


This 5 and 6 story multifamily housing development will become a welcoming gateway into the City of Boston, acting as a catalyst for neighborhood development in the area. The thoughtfully designed building façade, in combination with the location of the building, position RADIUS as a beacon for members of the Allston community.

An active lobby space will bring vibrant, street level activity to the corner of Western Avenue and Leo M Birmingham Parkway. Glass paneling allows light to spill out on the street – activating the façade. The ground floor will be home to various retail spaces, activating a dynamic public realm for both building residents and community members.

The building will focus on resident wellness, providing amenities that compliment an active lifestyle. By providing active uses for the ground floor and adding tree lined sidewalks and retail, the project will make the pedestrian feel welcome and connected in an area currently dominated by vehicular traffic.

Furthering the goals of the Boston 2030 Housing Plan, W.AVE will offer residents the opportunity to put down roots, increasing neighborhood stability in this area of Allston.


Curbed Boston
January 6, 2016
“Brighton’s 580 Western Avenue Swings for Curving Boldness”