Newtonville, MA


Mark Investments


140 apartment units with 44,400 SF of ground floor retail, a 2,030 SF community art center, surface parking for 99 and underground parking for 210 cars – 300,000 SF total.


LEED Gold for Homes Certification anticipated


Located at Newtonville’s prominent Walnut Street intersection, this site abuts a historic district on its northside, but is separated by the Massachusetts Turnpike and the adjacent commuter rail tracks from Newtonville’s larger retail district. This new development is Mark Investments’ first step in realizing an overall masterplan to reconnect this site and its surroundings to Newtonville’s Washington Street corridor.


The result, Washington Place, is a mixed-use development which creates the feeling of three buildings, knitted together through 44,000 SF of ground floor retail, and separated by massing into four stories of residential above. Washington Place will create 140 unites of much needed multifamily housing for empty-nesters and young families in Newton.

The design of the building makes use of set backs to articulate the facade and create the sense of three buildings on the site. Variations in window styling and the roof line give each building individuality, while similar use of materials throughout create the feeling of a unified community. In the West & Middle building, a central 2 story lobby space bridges the gap between them. The separate East building is highlighted by a corner tower abutting the main intersection of Walnut Street.

The development’s major investment in the public realm, including a welcoming public plaza, widened sidewalks, bike lanes, and an enhanced intersection bridging back to the Village center create a vibrant new community within the Newtonville neighborhood. In addition to the ground floor retail, the East building features a 2,030 SF community art studio managed by the Newton’s New Art Center, inviting the public in to attend classes and events.
The developer and PCA worked alongside the community and the Newton Area Council to craft a progressive new complex that respects its context with quality materials and appropriate historical reference.