Washington Village

South Boston, MA


Creation of a new six-block neighborhood with 98,600 SF of retail, 656 new residential units and parking for 648 cars along five new streets and a 1.5 acre central Green.


The five-acre site outside Andrew Square currently consists of under-utilized warehouse and industrial space abutting a vibrant residential neighborhood. Incorporating feedback from meetings with the Andrew Square Civic Association and abutters, the redevelopment will create 656 apartments and condos for middle income renters and first time home buyers, 98,600 SF of ground floor retail space that includes an anchor grocery store, cafes, restaurants and small retail shops, parking for 648 cars on site and a 1.5 acre public plaza and green, interconnected with almost a mile of new sidewalks and 130 new trees – culminating in a new gathering space for residents of Andrew Square in South Boston.