A Sustainable Vision

We are one collective with the shared intention to create ecological designs by embracing natural systems and emerging technologies. We strive to inspire and educate to build change for a better tomorrow.

Our creativity is rooted in process, not just product.

Led by our Sustainability Director, DiAnn Mroszczak, and Principal Laura Homich, our design teams rely on a core internal group that is dedicated to promoting and incorporating sustainable design into all our projects, whether they are on a certification track or not.

DiAnn is a leader in sustainability within the state. She is currently a member and Collaborative Facilitator of ILFI (Int’l Living Futures Institute), a member of the USGBC’s Massachusetts Chapter as well as Committee Chair of the USGBC’s LBC Living Future Collaborative, PCA’s Sustainable Design Leaders (SDL) representative, NESEA event participation support member and former member of Passive House Massachusetts.

DiAnn’s expertise is instrumental in the development of PCA’s strategic plan to elevate sustainability within our practice. She brings clarity to what we are trying to achieve and how we get there, is building capacity by growing our sustainable knowledge base, and improving consistency as we implement what we learn across all projects and project types.

We understand that we have the opportunity, and the responsibility to mitigate the impact of our buildings on the environment.

As signatories to the AIA 2030 Commitment – a promise to track and anonymously report each active project’s design performance annually – we endeavor to meet the AIA’s 2030 energy reduction targets. We have learned that targeted, straightforward decisions made at key points in the development of each project will result in energy efficient, high performance buildings that generate measurable results for our clients.

We aim to make decisions from the beginning of each project on siting and orientation, materials and building systems (LEED, Living Building Challenge, or Passive House) to add up to energy efficient, high performance buildings.  We make use of design and modeling tools, specialty consultants, vendors and BIM technology to explore new ways to optimize both design and function to stand the test of time.

Our collaborative, business-minded approach to sustainable design introduces options in ways that help our clients realize the benefits of going green. Taking the long view ultimately benefits their bottom line and nurtures the next generation of responsible, progressive design.