What We Value

Our People, Our Partners, Our Community, Our Creativity

We value creating successful places for people through a combination of business insight and creative problem-solving.

At PCA, our people are our strongest asset. We believe that our firm's strength lies in our staff members, and the wealth of knowledge and experience they contribute.


We unite a varied group of people and approaches in the common goal of solving our client's toughest problems. We understand that the most creative solutions are achieved when each team member contributes in their own unique way.

Team Spirit

More than a design firm, PCA is a place for friendship, learning, and growth.

Staff Support

We rally behind our staff, and encourage employee driven initiatives that help shape the future of PCA and our community.

Understanding what you need is just as important as delivering what you have asked for. We think beyond architecture, even when the best solution isn’t necessarily architectural. From asset management to strategic planning, we deliver solutions that solve real-world problems.


Building Success
We walk in our clients’ shoes – to understand goals and bring our creativity to the table to find unexpected opportunities, unlock potential, and transform challenges into celebrated spaces.

Inclusive Process
Working in concert with our clients, consultants, contractors, neighborhood groups and approvals agencies, our spirited and inclusive approach leads to productive dialogue that helps you achieve your strategic business goals.

Integrity and Honesty
It’s the relationships with our clients that matter. We keep our promises and deliver what you need. Your problems are our problems, and we work to solve them together.

Exceeding Expectations
Our clients often reserve their toughest problems for us to solve. Reinventing an abandoned historical site, or repositioning an outdated mall, the transformations can be astounding when we find solutions that surprise and exceed your expectations.

We look to strengthen our community through responsible designs, creating spaces both inside and out, that inspire people to come together to celebrate, socialize and linger a while.

Places for People
With a feel for a sense of place, we create new neighborhoods and dynamic public spaces that foster connections between community and commerce.

Everyday Places
We feel every place is worthy of our affection – from the grandest plaza to the most basic retail block – all design should enhance the public domain.

Environmental Responsibility
By combining our sustainable design experience with a collaborative, business-minded approach, we ensure that you will realize the benefits of going green and nurturing the next generation of responsible, progressive design.

At PCA, design is a process, not just a product. Our comprehensive approach creates results which are not only elegant and functional, but that also surpass your initial goals.

Inventive Solutions
Our design process examines the full context, asking big picture questions to create experiences that tell your own story.

Design that Delights
Balancing poetry and practicality, we believe that what a place says and how it feels are just as important as how it functions. Just like a welcoming student center becomes a crossroads for an impromptu get together, the built environment provides the framework for our experiences.

Learning from Experience
Understanding the “why” leads to better solutions. Bringing in experience from several market sectors, we discover new possibilities and comparisons that lead to more inventive solutions.

Our Process
We help you participate in the design process by communicating our ideas clearly and simply. Relying not only on modern technology but also on the tried and true methods of study models and sketches, we foster a productive collaboration.

As a combined Architectural, Planning and Interior Design practice, PCA offers seamless integration of multiple disciplines, streamlining the design and planning process and keeping costs in line. PCA also integrates sustainable building design into all of our projects, taking a practical approach to delivering achievable, buildable green design solutions.

Our Services

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Planning
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Programming
  • Tenant Design Criteria
  • Public Hearings / Approvals
  • Variance / Zoning Applications
  • Branding / Identity